Two little children savagely stoned to death in the California desert.  Top employees of a U.S. defense contractor dying at an alarming rate. A cryptic message sent by a strange, secretive source warns the contractor’s products have been corrupted and could be used against the U.S. Armed Forces.  Halfway across the world, the Chinese have massed their troops and are poised to take over the Middle East’s oil fields. U.S. Central Command fears the Chinese possess a secret weapon that will lead to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops.

The brutally murdered children, the dead defense company employees, the cryptic message, and the Chinese war plans all seem to be connected. But how?

Indie Reader

THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE (Book One) is an on-point action thriller with a wisecracking antihero that will win over fans of Tom Clancy, Jeffrey Deaver and Robert Ludlum…A tough-as-nails general who cares for a troubled teenage niece as well as a fellow soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder, is called out of retirement by a beautiful damsel-in-distress.  If James Bond and John Rambo were mated in a a secret government super-soldier laboratory - and the resulting male child was raised by double dads Jack Ryan and Jason Bourne - he might grow up to be General Jack Wilder, star of THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE (Book One) by Thomas H. Goodfellow.  - Rob Errera,

Foreword Reviews

Thomas H. Goodfellow’s timely political thriller The Insurmountable Edge imagines a world in which the US and China move close to open warfare. - Benjamin Welton,

Steel-edged Hero Capable of Maximum Damage Against Enemies in International Thriller

L D Tanner

The U.S. is on the brink of a deadly war with China in the debut international thriller, "Insurmountable Edge: Book One" by Thomas H. Goodfellow. The only person who can counter the threat is the steel-edged General Jack Wilder. His execution of some of the deadliest missions on behalf of the US in the elite special forces has forged him into a deadly weapon which enemies will have to reckon with. Jack Wilder is similar to Jack Reacher created by Lee Child, but he has his own unique foibles.

The story starts out in a horrific scene where two children are forced to dig their own graves before they are stoned to death. General Jack Wilder then takes over as the narrator. Retired and living at his plush Californian ranch, he cares for his hellbent seventeen-year-old ward, Adelaide, and his army buddy, Jeff, suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). Ironically, Wilder's unresolved issues with PSTD makes him prone to hallucinations.

A striking physician, Kate, seeks Wilder's help in solving a series of murders with international security implications at a company she oversees. Meanwhile, war is ready to break out in the Middle East with China that will have an “insurmountable edge“ in the conflict. Tasked with investigating the insurmountable edge, Jack Wilder’s mission twists with unexpected turns as murders pile up and he is sometimes off edge talking with imaginary people and animals—possibly clues to political machinations behind the scenes. The book does not end with a classical cliffhanger but continues in what will be a three-book series that should connect the murders and international conflict.

Author Goodfellow has written an action-packed thriller filled with unique, memorable characters and vivid descriptions. The interactions between the characters and the smart, crisp dialogue work hand-in-hand with action scenes and unexpected twists to drive the story forward. Even though Wilder struggles with his own internal turmoil, he is an engaging character with a hint of chivalry toward Kate. But make no mistake, he is more than capable of maximum damage against his enemies.

“The Insurmountable Edge,” is an exciting start to a three-book series that spins a complex web of international intrigue and unforeseen enemies that promise to be the ultimate match for Jack Wilder. Highly recommended for fans of complex international thrillers with a hero you can root for.

Writing Style!


Great writing style....AND easy to read. A real page turner...reminds me of some of my favorite guilty pleasure writers like Micheal Connelly and Robert Ludlum. Looking forward to the next two books!

A New Favorite!


Let me just start by saying that The Insurmountable Edge is a phenomenal piece of work. Once I got started I couldn't put it down so if you have to be up early in the morning I would recommend waiting until the weekend to get started. Right from the start you get a taste for the close and insanely comical relationship between Jack and Jeff. Jack is just a very relatable and compassionate guy who keeps the laid-back kick ass tough guy persona to get sh*t done. Jack simply does it all taken care of His best friend who is suffering from PTSD while trying to keep his unruly and at times violent teenage niece from any further legal trouble all while trying to save the United States from the Chinese Insurmountable Edge, which is somehow tied to the unexplained death of a dozen NASAD engineers. Although that seems to be too much for most men Jack somehow does it all while cracking and endless barrage of jokes and commentary (Which I found myself always looking forward to). The mystery of the NASAD engineers and the Chinese plan of attack starts to unfold as we dive deeper into Jack's unbalanced yeah sharp psyche. When this book ended I found myself desperately begging Thomas Goodfellow to write faster and release book to already, as I am patiently await to discover the Insurmountable Edge.

An Amazing Thriller


A Top class thriller, Goodfellow is true pro. Excited for book 2, cant' wait! This is highly recommended!

Well research Page Turner

An Avid Reader of Books and Seeker of Challenges

Great read; author does a great job with pacing. Reading the book is as satisfying as watching any spy/military thriller. Book could be the manuscript for a Homeland/The Americans type of spinoff. Can't wait for Books 2 and 3 to follow.



I am a lifetime reader of action and mystery novels. I'm now retired and on the Board of our local friends of the library, so I read a lot. I've read everyone of the late Vince Flynn's books, as well as the works of many other authors of that genre. Until I read The Insurmountable Edge, Vince Flynn and his lead character, Mitch Rapp, were my favorites. However, Thomas Goodfellow's characters in The Insurmountable Edge are even more Intriguing than Mitch Rapp and Goodfellow's plot development is more intricate and sophisticated. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next volume of the series.

Such a good read!

Maura McCabe

The Insurmountable Edge is thrilling! I could not put this book down. The background of Jeff, Jack, Adelaide, and Kate's characters and the background with the governmental agencies layer many levels of intricacies that keep you rapt throughout the story. It ends on a cliffhanger! Can't wait to read the next book.

Excellent Thriller! Cannot Put It Down!


I love action/thriller type of books, but have never tried any in the military genre. I am so glad I gave this book a try, because this is now one of my ALL TIME favorite books. I am recommending this read to anyone I know. The character development was phenomenal, and really kept you hooked. I felt like I was right there in the story! I literally couldn't put this book down because I had to find out what was going to happen next. Amazing!!! I can't wait for the next in this series.

“Edge” of my seat!

Raymond Baum

If you need a good drama, look no further. This is an EPIC book. Didn’t realize how much a ride I was in for. Goodfellow really knows how to keep me on the edge of my seat! Excited for part 2 and 3

5 Stars!


Great read thus far! Highly recommend. Can’t wait to finish this.

A Perfect Thrill

Maddy Farkas

I love a good thriller and this was right up my alley! Couldn't put it down!

Very exciting read - action packed!


Many twists and unexpected turns with interesting characters. Great look "behind the scenes" of FBI and other agencies' work.

I am on the edge of my seat!


I've only made it through the first 3 chapters of the book, but Jack and Jeff -- the two main characters -- go on quite a ride in just those first few pages. For someone who hasn't read a book in quite some time this was a refreshingly awesome change of pace. I cannot wait to get back to reading the rest! Thanks, Mr. Goodfellow.

Excellent novel

Mary K. Dobski

Loved this novel! I don’t normally go for military type of books but a good friend recommended and I’m so glad they did. Excellent storyline, well thought out characters with a lot of depth and wonderful settings. Story unfolds and new characters are introduced with a flow that doesn’t leave you going “wait......who was that again??” Like happens in other novels with plentiful characters. Excited for the next book in the series to be released. I can picture this being turned into a cool miniseries or movie with its California vibes

Loved it!


I’m a typical fan of James Patterson type books but a friend recommended this book and I was pleasantly surprised! Well written with witty characters and lots of intrigue. Looking forward to Book Two!

Couldn’t Put It Down!

Micheal S

Fantastic read! Best book I’ve picked up in a long time. Didn’t want to put it down.

Non-stop suspense

Brandie Faria Reinhold

I'm hooked!! The suspense is non-stop. Story telling at its finest and characters that I cannot get enough of.

Great read

Patti Melville

Goodfellow’s characters leap off the page. I can’t wait until I can spend more time with them. Hopefully book two will be released as soon as possible!

Fantastic book


I ended up scorching the food on the barbecue and being late for work - this book is such a captivating read! Very very good stuff by the Goodfellow Thomas.

A great read for any trip


I recently purchased this book. It is a fast paced adventure which keeps you reading chapter after chapter until it is done. So where is book 2. I need it now . I want to be just like Jack Wilder. Mover over Dirk Pitt.


Max W.

This is my first amazon review but I just had to share how much I loved it! What a magnificent book- a page turner for sure! Can’t wait for the other two. Absolutely gripping. Thank you for this!

Great read


Great read. It keeps you interested. I can’t wait to finish it.

This is book one of three. Hope I live long enough to read the next two!!

Walter Burke

Thomas Goodfellow is right up there with Dan Silva, Lee Childs and Jeff Carson for suspense and action. Enjoyed Book #1 and anticipate reading Book #2. General Jack was a very busy man and provided a lot of action during his first 24 hours with Kate. Hope the drama continues. Great read.


Marvie Wilson

I had never heard of Thomas Goodfellow until I purchased "The Insurmountable Edge" on Amazon. I am really glad I took a chance, because this was one of the best books I've read in years. The Insurmountable Edge is a thriller that keeps you on the edge the whole way. I can't wait for the next Goodfellow book!!!!!

Cannot put this book down!

Devon O’Grady

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and Thomas Goodfellow’s Jack Reacher are both men with a strong sense of duty and justice. Both, oftentimes using their intuitive nature to come to conclusions no one else has.

As a major Jack Ryan fan, I couldn’t help but love the Insurmountable Edge. Jack is a blunt, honest, tough-talking general who can kickass even two years out of practice without breaking a sweat. He also always does what he believes is right regardless of how difficult that might be, he is the kind of man that doesn’t shy away from hardship and is the kind of man you want by your side during a gun fight.

Love Jack's character!


As a fan of all things Lee Child, but especially Jack Reacher I would definitely recommend The Insurmountable Edge. There are many similarities between Jack Reacher and Thomas Goodfellow’s Jack, the main one being that they both live and abide by their own set of rules regardless of what any “authority” might have to say about it. So maybe it is not just by chance that both of these dark, mysterious, with a passion for justice (their own kind of justice) are named Jack. Goodfellow did a great job reeling me into Jack’s mind and struggles and with the bickering dialogue with his best friend Jeff. I love how Jack thinks and processes situations, although at times he definitely does not appear normal which was all part of his charm.

An Amazing Thriller

Linda kaplan

A Top class thriller, Goodfellow is a true pro. Excited for book 2, cant wait! This is highly recommended!

Engaging Read


I personally enjoyed this book greatly - the writing style is incredibly engaging. I had a hard time putting it down! The suspense, character development, and voice is just so darn good. Highly recommend!

Great Read!


Couldn't put it down. Reminds me of Mitch Rapp books.

Five Stars!!!


I highly recommend this book. It is a captivating action thriller story very well written. It is rare that any book keeps my interest for long. The narrative hooks you from the beginning when the two children are forced to dig their own graves before they are stoned to death. I want to read more by this author. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Bravo Mr. Goodfellow!

Perfect book to read for the Fourth of July weekend


I purchased THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE for the Fourth of July weekend and it is the perfect book to read or offer as a present. I found this book to be fascinating, a true action and mystery book involving US Elite Special Forces with detailed "inside information".