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THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE (Book One) is an on-point action thriller with a wisecracking antihero that will win over fans of Tom Clancy, Jeffrey Deaver and Robert Ludlum…A tough-as-nails general who cares for a troubled teenage niece as well as a fellow soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder, is called out of retirement by a beautiful damsel-in-distress.  If James Bond and John Rambo were mated in a a secret government super-soldier laboratory - and the resulting male child was raised by double dads Jack Ryan and Jason Bourne - he might grow up to be General Jack Wilder, star of THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE (Book One) by Thomas H. Goodfellow.  - Rob Errera,

Indie Reader

In this second installment, Wilder’s investigation into an impending war with China leads him to the US military’s secretive “dark programmers” and the simulated war games they design. Author Thomas Goodfellow cloaks a good old-fashioned murder mystery in the trappings of an international spy thriller in THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE: Book Two.  - Rob Errera,

Indie Reader

Rambo meets Sherlock Homes in the explosive climax to Thomas H. Goodfellow's THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE trilogy. Author Thomas H. Goodfellow brings the final installment of THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE series barreling into the station with General Jack Wilder's offbeat crew in yet another fast, fun read for action thriller fans.  - Rob Errera,

Foreword Reviews

Thomas H. Goodfellow’s timely political thriller The Insurmountable Edge imagines a world in which the US and China move close to open warfare. - Benjamin Welton,

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