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THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE (Book One) is an on-point action thriller with a wisecracking antihero that will win over fans of Tom Clancy, Jeffrey Deaver and Robert Ludlum…A tough-as-nails general who cares for a troubled teenage niece as well as a fellow soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder, is called out of retirement by a beautiful damsel-in-distress.  If James Bond and John Rambo were mated in a a secret government super-soldier laboratory - and the resulting male child was raised by double dads Jack Ryan and Jason Bourne - he might grow up to be General Jack Wilder, star of THE INSURMOUNTABLE EDGE (Book One) by Thomas H. Goodfellow.  - Rob Errera,

Foreword Reviews

Thomas H. Goodfellow’s timely political thriller The Insurmountable Edge imagines a world in which the US and China move close to open warfare. - Benjamin Welton,